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Summer News at Gardens America_ 2013

Summer is normally not a busy time in the industry – but for us it has been! Below you will find different subjects and pertinent information that we want to share with you regarding what is happening at Gardens. As always, your feedback is very important to us. Please feel free to contact me personally with ideas, comments and even criticisms. Every day we strive to improve and your input is very important to this process.


Effective August 1st all importers of record for product coming from Ecuador will have to pay duties. The duties will be as listed below:

  • Roses and Spray Roses: 6.8%
  • Mini Carnations: 3.2%
  • Everything Else: 6.4%

We began paying these increases as of all shipments that we received August 1st. We are not passing on these duties during the month of August. Duties will be added as of September 1st.

Getting our MAGIC on

We are now offering tropical bouquets from Ecuador. Your Account Manager has sent you photos, packing information and pricing. We are currently shipping two days a week direct from the farm to your door via UPS.

The product is guaranteed to arrive to you within 48 hours of shipping. It is important to know that this product is highly sensitive to the cold and will not be shipped into Miami and then on ground carrier.

Remember you can get some MAGIC from Gardens America – direct to your door or your client’s door. Please call your Account Manager and set up your first shipment.


The comments we have been receiving about our e-commerce site have been great! Are you taking advantage of this new feature that we have available to all of our clients? You can order 24 hours a day. When you log onto the site, you will see what is available in house and what products are in transit. Photos are available if you are not sure of the color or shape of a product.

By September 1st you will be able to buy product on line from farms that we have aligned ourselves with in California. Imagine…you go on the Gardens America e-commerce site and can place an order for product that will ship directly from the farm in California on your appointed carrier! How cool is that?

2013/2014 Pricing

We try to get our yearly pricing for Repeat Orders to you by August 1st. Unfortunately, some of our farms haven’t gotten this information to us. We will have this to you on or before August 15th!

In the meantime, please look for our fall pricing and availability form that your Account Manager will be sending next week. We have a full portfolio of fall products for you and your clients.

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