Faith Pressley

In the 18 months that I’ve been using products from Gardens America, I have seen a major change in my business. The high quality and low prices on my every day flowers like alstromeria and chrysanthemums open up my flower budget to specialty items. My customers love that we have higher end flowers like garden roses and calla lilies on an everyday basis. My cooler is fully stocked all week long with beautiful blooms.

The product I carry from Gardens America has allowed the arrangements that leave my shop to be vibrant and full of an assortment of flowers no matter what the customer’s budget is. This has greatly increased our daily sales, as we now stand out as the shop in town that fills vases to the brim with flowers that last for ages!

The conversations with my broker are an added bonus. When our relationship began, I was a hard sell for those specialty flowers. Marcela asked weekly if I was ready to try garden roses or peonies or kale, or whatever fun thing she had listed. I refused more often than I accepted, but as time went on and her products flew out of my cooler, I realized that the more I bought, the more I sold! It’s so easy to send beautiful flowers out the door when you’re excited about the varieties in stock!

Processing day is like Christmas morning, every week. My shop assistants are excited and there’s a bit of competition about who gets to open the special boxes.


Creighton’s WildFlowers Design Studio

Rossville, Georgia


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