Breast Cancer – Pam

A few years ago we asked people to send us the names of friends or loved ones that had suffered with breast cancer.    This bouquet is dedicated to Pam.

Pam is a 6-year breast cancer survivor who thanks God for each and every day. She is blessed to have an army of friends and family members who got her through her chemo, radiation and physical and emotional recovery after the ‘battle’.

Pam and two fellow breast cancer survivors created a 501C3 non-profit organization, The Foundation of Light, Inc. Its mission is to shine light on the journey with breast cancer by sharing survivor wisdom. Its purpose is to: provide hope to anyone facing a diagnosis of breast cancer; raise awareness that early detection saves lives; and increase communication and promote conversation about breast cancer. Please contact for information.

The “Pam” bouquet consists of 20 stems and are packed nine per box.  Varieties will vary.



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