Flower Care

Care and handling are significant elements to all your floral products. For maximum care, the following points are key:
  1. Temperature – Industry experts Drs. Terril Nell and Michael Reed have tested numerous elements of care and handling for many floral products. Both proclaim that keeping your product in the cold chain provides consistency in performance and extended shelf life versus the same product experiencing dramatic temperature changes. Optimum temperature for most of the products we carry is 33 degrees.
  2. Cleanliness – To maximize the life of your flowers they need to be in a clean environment. All floral products contain bacteria which is why it is critical that your sinks, buckets, tools and work area are all clean.
  3. Hydration – Make sure your flowers have water. Flowers that are continually hydrated last longer. Cool water has been scientifically proven to allow the quick flow of hydration into the stems. Hydration solutions acidify the water which helps dissolve air bubbles and boost flow. The contain biocides to keep pollution in check. Using warm or hot water to rush the opening of the product can damage and shorten flower performance.
  4. Flower Food – Commonly referred to as preservative, this product does not preserve flowers. Regardless of your brand of choice, flower food is a vital component in care and handling as it provides the essential nutrients to keep your flowers healthy and vibrant. Flower food does the same as hydration solutions plus they contain sugar to provide energy for bud opening, color stabilization and fragrance potential – if it exists.
Paying attention to the above will help the end user get the maximum enjoyment with extended flower life. [hr]


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