Our History

In 1969, the owners of a small Colombian farm came to the United States. They walked into the Pennock Company in Miami, Florida looking for someone who was willing to make a difference in the floral industry.

Peggy Gillice was Pennock’s bookkeeper at the time. She saw endless opportunities and set up a meeting between these gentlemen and her husband, John. The synergies were there, the timing was right and the opportunities were endless.

Both companies wanted to be able to serve the retail clients with the highest quality and lowest overhead possible. Our first shipment was in May of 1969 and consisted of ten boxes. The idea was to bring into Miami only product that had been pre-sold. We would not ship in product that would sit in a cooler waiting to be sold. It would be farm direct.

Our vision was then and still is to provide outstanding products and services through our wholesalers to those retailers who appreciate quality, consistency, and who value being a selected distributor of Gardens America, Inc.