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The most crucial thing for us would be that the projects being listed are genuine, and they are not simply marketing material. We only list genuine projects and are happy to check that you are authentic and in addition have the requisite funds to build the project of yours before listing it. What To Look for In Exchanges. The primary things you’ll wish to think about when scouting for an exchange would be the following: Technology- What technology type do they have? Is the methodology solid and sound?

Are they equipped to handle big volumes? How long has got the exchange been operating? Just how high are their fees? Are they compliant with any specific regulatory guidelines? Exchange Type – What is the exchange type? This will be useful for you later. Open vs. Decentralised – Is the exchange opened or is it decentralized? Does the exchange have a site, and are you just relying on their mobile app?

Fee-What is the fee for listing a token? What’ll the trading fee be? Does the exchange allow for arbitrage, and if so, just how long does that take to settle? Fees-Are there any transaction fees? This is why, we’re spending our time when thinking about listings that you should give you the total, objective viewpoint that we feel is likely to make a real impact in terms of the growth prospects of yours. That said, the following will be the criteria by which we judge partner companies for CryptoHippie’s partner program: 1) What’s the level of the organization?

Could it be currently successful? Have they raised capital? How much? Does the company have a clear roadmap? Do they have a current community of users? Can there be a clearly defined vision? 2) How great is the marketing strategy? This’s one particular area exactly where we differ from various other marketing and advertising agencies. We do not believe you are able to merely throw cash at an issue. If the company is not properly funded and also includes an obvious roadmap, then how can the business budget mature to meet that?

Our clients generally have to invest much more time on advertising since they do not have enough income to cover it. They have to develop a solid sales as well as development strategy first. And then they have to come up with the cash and strategies to make it happen. Coinmama works on a hybrid cloud-based model to guarantee excessive levels of safety measures for the users of ours. Our clients are sure that the funds of theirs will remain protected and protected at all times.

As we mentioned above, we’ve ready a list of prerequisites to the listing of a crypto currency. It is composed of a comprehensive and detailed information about your product, its advertising activity, along with a few technical requirements: Token Sale Description. We would love to mention the following: You have to present a comprehensive description about the token purchase you have. It should be described in an objective way.

Let’s not describe the amount of tokens you will sell at the beginning. Instead, tell us about the amount of tokens you intend to issue, what kind of coins (Ethereum, NEO) you are going to issue and also what kind of tokens they will be – tokens which may be used, ie, utility tokens or security tokens.