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Our People

Teamwork makes the dream work

Sales Team

Tina Bertot

Joined Gardens America in 2000

Tina Bertot is our perfectionist. Part of Tina’s charm as an account manager is her attention to detail, her vigilance for her clients, and her passion for fairness. Tina holds all farms accountable for any disappointment to any one of her clients and takes full responsibility in righting the wrong. Tina’s clients know that they are her focus. In her spare time, she enjoys reading and working out.

Cheryl Virgilio

Joined Gardens America in 2022

Cheryl is the newest member of Team Gardens America. She is our Sales Coordinator and assists the sales team in their administrative tasks. Cheryl’s background includes working with wholesale and retail florists. Her passion is supporting a sales team so that they can perform at an optimal level. In her spare time, she enjoys finding recipes and creating them with her own twist and playing board games.

Renee Hesselbach

Joined Gardens America in 2015

Renee Hesselbach has a lifelong dedication to the floral industry. She utilizes her 40 plus years of experience in greenhouse, mass markets, retail, wholesale and now importing to develop strategies for growing your business profits. Renee works enthusiastically with her clients and is dedicated to their creative successes. In her spare time, she enjoys camping, being a hand bell musician, and spending time with her grandchildren.

Marcela Botero

Joined Gardens America in 2017

Marcela is passionate about flowers and constantly looks out for the best interest of her clients. She has valuable experience at the farm level which gives her tremendous insight to pass on to her clients and our team. She looks young, but don’t let her baby face fool you. She knows what it means to work hard and won’t take no for an answer. In her spare time, she enjoys gardening and dancing.

Arielle Atlas

Joined Gardens America in 2020

Arielle grew up in the floral industry. Flowers are her career, passion, and hobby. Her working knowledge and design experience is an incredible benefit to her clientele. Arielle’s drive, honesty, and detail-oriented nature allow her to excel in client service. She looks forward to helping you with all your floral needs. In her spare time, she enjoys nail art and travel.

Jorge Rodriguez

Joined Gardens America in 2021

Jorge has been in the floral industry for many years working at farm level and with retailers, wholesalers, and event planners, making sure every customer gets their flowers in time with exceptional quality and outstanding service. He has impeccable attention to detail and is the ultimate professional. Jorge is always ready to help our team with marketing material and delivers it with a smile on his face. In his spare time, he enjoys cooking and camping.

Office and Warehouse

Kristin Gilliland

Joined Gardens America in 1994

Kristin’s grandparents started the business before she was born. She spent numerous summers stuffing envelopes, mailing invoices, filing, and assisting until she joined the team full time in 1994. Kristin has served as Office Manager, handled the Accounts Receivables, and later became General Manager. She is currently the President and owner. She takes pride in continuing the family legacy as the third-generation owner and credits the success of the company to the incredible team at Gardens America. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, traveling, and spending time with family.

Camilo Correa

Joined Gardens America in 2011

Camilo has over 25 years of experience in the floral industry at the grower and wholesale levels. His focus with Gardens is grower relations, flower buying, and sales support. Camilo’s knowledge of the floral industry has helped us grow our portfolio and our cumulative skills. Camilo is a man of few words, and he is extremely observant. His quick wit and sarcasm are an integral part of his charm. In his spare time, he enjoys bike riding and listening to music.

Joanne Carrillo

Joined Gardens America in 1999

Joanne Carrillo wears many hats, but her main job is managing Accounts Receivable. (If you do not know her that could be a GOOD THING) Joanne is also our Office Manager. Her real passion is being the Gardens America social event coordinator. In her spare time, she enjoys bike riding and spending time with her family.

Deborah Clemente

Joined Gardens America in 2002

Deborah Clemente is our Finance Manager. She makes sure that Gardens America keeps its excellent reputation for on-time payments. Debbie does the work of an entire team by managing payables, financial reporting, payroll, and much more. Don’t assume she is a boring numbers lady. In her spare time, she enjoys fashion, dancing salsa and merengue, going to concerts, and pool days with her family.

Lilliam Valdes-Dapena

Joined Gardens America in 1997

Lilliam Valdes-Dapena is our IT Manager. She keeps our entire technical network going. Lyly fixes things that we have broken and does the impossible from hardware to software and everything in between. She always does whatever it takes with a positive attitude and her trademark humor. Lyly is a true renaissance woman. In her spare time, she enjoys traveling around the world, going to the beach, spending time with family and painting.

Victoria Rodriguez

Joined Gardens America in 2006

Victoria Rodriguez is our Administrative Assistant and Director of First Impressions. She is the one who initially welcomes your call and advises you regarding the availability of your account manager. She can get you copies of invoices, shipping receipts and a whole lot more. But more than that, Victoria is the accounting department’s support team. She is always willing to do more and takes on responsibility with pride. In her spare time, she enjoys going to the beach with her family.

Michael Rodriquez

Joined Gardens America in 2009

Michael Rodriquez joined our company and worked his way up to Warehouse Manager. He constantly reminds his team that every box of our flowers should be treated as if it contains flowers for their very own family member’s special day. Mike takes pride in his work and leads his team to success - always with a smile on his face. If it needs to get done, he will find a way. In his spare time, he enjoys going to the gun range and training his American bulldog.

Alejandro Perez Machado

Joined Gardens America in 2022

Alejandro is a valued member of our warehouse team. In his spare time, he enjoys playing sports and listening to music.

Duvan Torres

Joined Gardens America in 2022

Duvan Torres is the Assistant Manager at Gardens America, where he plays a crucial role in the warehouse team, blending his passion for efficiency with a strong sense of teamwork. Beyond work, Duvan enjoys reading, playing soccer, and valuing quality time with his family, which he considers essential to his well-being and success. His ability to merge personal interests with professional duties not only showcases his well-rounded personality but also significantly contributes to his effectiveness and respect within the company.