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Gardens America is a family-owned business with family values!

Gardens America, Inc is a 3rd generation family owned company that begin importing and distributing fresh cut flowers from Colombia in 1969.

We specialize in sourcing, importing, marketing and distributing the most unique fresh cut flowers available from around the globe.

Through diligence and passion, we provide our clients with the very freshest products and impeccable service.  You and your customers can be confident in the high quality, consistency and longevity of all our products to increase your profit margin and elevate your brand recognition.

At Gardens America, we align ourselves with excellence and pride ourselves on being a solution provider for fellow floral professionals.

Gardens America Flower Farm

Gardens America

Gardens America

A family owned business with family values that extend to all of our exceptional staff. Since we started in the floral industry in 1969 with one farm, we have grown exponentially because of our uncompromising eye for detail and our commitment to the success of our floral partners.
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Flower Care

Care and handling are significant elements to all your floral products from the temperature that your products are stored in, maximizing the life of your flowers they need to be in a clean environment, hydrating your products, making sure they have water and the vitality of llower food
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Our online catalog displays a list of our current catalog with details on all of our varieties from Flowers, Combos, Bouquets and Greens and Fillers. Each catalog item has information the product as well as an image of the product. The online catalog is updated on a regular basis.
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Gardens America Partners

We partner only with growers whose products are exceptional and whose personnel work with us to ensure our clients get the quality and consistency they deserve. The excellent product we acquire combined with our skills and service in sales and marketing has made us an industry leader in the world of cut flowers. We currently work with and manage over 30 growers world-wide who produce over 50 product lines in our portfolio.

Our clients are able to order directly from this website via our very popular E-Commerce ordering system. In addition to ordering products, they can view their invoices, print or mail them, look at their purchase history and more.

We constantly re-evaluate and explore better ways to make working with Gardens America an easy experience with tangible benefits that can be seen in the beauty and longevity of our blooms and the happiness of our clients.

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