How are flowers and nature related to mental health? Studies have proven that people who spend more time outside in nature have better mental health and a more positive outlook on life. As part of Gardens America’s ongoing wellness series, here are three ways flowers can improve mental health, mood and overall well-being.

Flowers increase energy.

Having fresh flowers and/or potted plants around the home or office is linked to an increase in positive energy. The color and scent, specifically, boost energy. Place plants or flowers in a crafting space or any place where a mental boost would be helpful. Enjoy the view and benefits of increased mental energy.

Flowers can improve mood.

At the most basic level, receiving flowers from someone can help lift a mood because it means someone cares, and that is always impactful. But even if the flowers are bought or planted and enjoyed by the same person, they can help improve mood because they look nice and smell good – two factors that are scientifically proven to provide an emotional boost.

Flowers improve memory.

Plants and flowers oxygenate the air, boosting brain cells, which improves memory, clarity and concentration. Think of plants and flowers as a superfood for the brain cells!

Having flowers nearby can greatly improve someone’s mood and can also reduce the likelihood of stress-related depression. Think about how great you feel when receiving flowers. Giving them also impact your overall well-being because of the thoughtful gesture filled with love and compassion. Learn more and contact us today.