Jardines de los Andes is a traditional family business which was established in 1969 in the beautiful high mountain plateau surrounding Bogota, Colombia. As a pioneer of Colombia’s cut flower industry, it is world renowned not only for the quality of its flowers but also for its superior customer service. This farm is certified by Florverde, Rainforest Alliance and BASC.

The company started out small, growing the first chrysanthemums on three acres of land inside five greenhouses, which were built on land owned by the family for many generations. The actual building of the first greenhouses as well as the initial planting, growing, harvesting packing and shipping of the flowers was personally done by the owners, with the help of only 21 employees. In October of 1969, the first 7 boxes of cut flowers were shipped to the United States.

Starting a floral exporting business in Colombia at that time was a huge challenge. Few people knew about growing chrysanthemums in Bogota’s climate, nor about the international flower market. Never the less, this team pursued their dream and with a combination of research, creativity, innovation and hard work managed to gradually make a name for the company and its excellent flowers.

Today Jardines de los Andes is the world’s largest grower of alstroemeria and one of the largest growers of chrysanthemums. The growth and development of Jardines de los Andes has been possible due to its continuous investment in research and innovation.

In addition to Jardines de los Andes, we have thirty five other farms that we work with on a weekly basis. These farms are in both the USA and South America.


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