Gardens America has always been about more than just flowers. It’s about people, relationships and creating an environment that feels like home. Lilliam Valdes-Dapena, affectionately known as Lyly, our IT Manager, embodies this spirit perfectly with her stories of balancing work and family.

Rewind to two decades ago, our previous office was a blend of professional tasks and personal moments. It wasn’t rare to see children or pets alongside their parents, making it evident that Gardens America was a unique workspace.

Among these cherished moments, Lyly’s children, Sebastian and Sofia, stood out. Their presence at the office wasn’t an anomaly but a testament to our inclusive approach.

Reflecting on those times,

Lyly shared, “As a parent, managing work responsibilities while ensuring the well-being of my children can be a tightrope walk. On days when I needed to bring my children to the office, the warmth and understanding from my colleagues were invaluable. It gave me peace of mind, knowing my children were embraced by an extended family.”

While today’s work culture is gradually evolving towards more flexible and family-friendly policies. It’s crucial to note that Gardens America championed this ethos over 20 years ago. At a time when professional and personal lives were often kept distinct, we blurred those lines, emphasizing a holistic approach to work-life.

One of the most heartwarming testaments to this unique culture is a recent event in Lyly’s life. Sebastian, who once toddled through our office, recently celebrated his wedding.

And in a touching full-circle moment, the flowers that adorned his special day were provided by none other than Gardens America. It’s moments like these that reaffirm Gardens America’s deep, lasting bonds we’ve cultivated over the years.

Looking back, Gardens America has always been a trendsetter, valuing people and relationships over mere transactions. As we look ahead, these foundational values continue to guide our path, ensuring that we remain more than just a business.