Understanding the chrysanthemum’s journey is essential for our industry. During our recent visit to Chrysanthemum Week in Colombia, we gained insight into the breeding process.

Breeders face the challenge of creating flowers that both meet market demand and are viable for growers. A new flower variety might take up to five years to showcase at Chrysanthemum Week. Breeders assess characteristics such as color, shape, and resistance to pests, as well as vase life and transit performance.

Market preferences vary. European customers, for example, favor blooms clustered at the top. Growers adjust treatments accordingly to cater to these specific needs.

We engaged with six leading breeders during our visit:


One of the premier breeders we visited was Deliflor. Their commitment to innovation was evident in their diverse range of chrysanthemums. Their exceptional variety was a testament to their dedication to excellence in the industry.


Danziger welcomed us with a spectrum of colors and designs. Their passion for creating unique and diverse floral solutions was clear, and their new line of chrysanthemums hinted at vintage colors, which are currently all the rage in the floral industry.

Dummen Orange

Next, we had the pleasure of exploring Dummen Orange, a global leader in plant breeding and genetics. Their assortment showcased a blend of tradition and modernization, offering vintage and contemporary shades of peach, amber and salmon.


Our tour at Floritec unveiled their distinct approach to breeding. Floritec crafts superior varieties of mums, pot celosia, and pot aster, all while prioritizing feedback from global partners. Their creations not only resonate with market trends but are also fortified against pests and diseases, ensuring reliability.

Royal Van Zanten

For over 160 years, Van Zanten Breeding, a key component of Royal Van Zanten, has shaped international floriculture. They excel in breeding pot plants and cut flowers, notably standing out with offerings like Alstroemeria, Statice, Chrysanthemum, and Bouvardia. Their forward-thinking approach combines advanced genetics, collaborative strategies, and modern marketing. By partnering strategically within the industry, Royal Van Zanten is poised to strengthen its market legacy and set new benchmarks in the industry.

ICON Selections

Established in 2014, ICON Selections is a Colombian Chrysanthemum Breeding company with operation facilities in Rionegro and Bogotá. In addition to their chrysanthemum breeding, ICON Selections evaluates, selects, promotes, and sells varieties of roses and alstroemeria sourced from Dutch breeders. These selections have been tested under natural South American conditions, ensuring they’re optimized for regional growth.

Our trip wasn’t just about discovery; it was a two-way street. We provided these breeders with market feedback, ensuring they were aligned with current demands and upcoming trends. It’s collaborations like these that help both the growers and us stay ahead in the game, constantly delivering fresh, trendy, and high-quality flowers to our customers.

Captivating Color Trends Apart from the various breeds, the color trends that stood out predominantly were vintage colors, along with shades of peach, amber, and salmon. These colors evoke nostalgia and warmth, making them highly coveted in today’s market.

For a visual treat of our journey, stay tuned! We’ll be releasing a series of reels from our trip throughout the month, showcasing the world of chrysanthemums and the breeders who bring them to life. Every chrysanthemum represents the combined efforts of breeders, growers, and distributors. Our role at Gardens America is to ensure we facilitate this process effectively, delivering the highest quality flowers to our clients.

At Gardens America, we aren’t just sourcing flowers; we’re crafting stories and experiences. Ensuring we stay ahead of the trends, work closely with global breeders, and consistently offer our growers and clients the best in the industry is our unwavering promise. We invite you to join us on this ever-evolving floral journey.