At Gardens America, we are committed to sustainable and environmentally friendly practices. That’s why we’ve implemented various programs to reduce waste, conserve water, and minimize our use of pesticides and fertilizers.

One of our most important programs is water management.

We know that water is a precious resource and strive to use it as efficiently as possible. Our suppliers’ farms collect rainwater in specially designed channels, which are used for irrigation.

We also collect treated wastewater from the production cycle, kitchens, and bathrooms, which is treated in septic pools and added with biological products to speed up its decomposition. Wastewater polluted with toxic substances is treated in an isolated area before discharge to prevent soil or water pollution. We take water from a “rainwater only” reservoir and treat it to make it suitable for drinking and bathing.

We also focus on recycling to reduce waste.

Most of our partner farms have integrated waste management programs, where all waste material is reused or recycled. Organic waste is turned into compost, and glass, cardboard, and plastic are sold at low prices to organized community-based recycling organizations.

Chemical, pesticide, and fertilizer residues are treated in waterproof tanks with chemical-proof covers. The remaining liquid is used to spray gardens and trees around the farm.

We are proud of our Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program. The program is based on the early detection of insects and fungus on the crops, determining the type and amount of pesticides to use. The goal is to reduce the amount required to a minimum.

IPM has helped achieve the highest quality flowers and control soil diseases while minimizing environmental impact by reducing chemical pesticides and fertilizers.

At Gardens America, firstly we take pride in our commitment to sustainable and environmentally friendly practices. Our efforts benefit the environment and contribute to the beauty and quality of our fresh-cut flowers. Learn more by visiting