The Inírida flowers, also known as Stella, are an indigenous treasure. Originally from the area surrounding the Colombian-Venezuelan border. The Stella flowers are star-shaped flowers that have been proven to survive extreme weather conditions and grow in low-fertility soil, making them everlasting gems.

The Stella flowers are very rare,

They only grow in a small region in Colombia given certain weather and soil conditions. The flowers grew in soil that was not thought to be useful for harvesting much, as it was not rich in nutrients. They grew in what could be considered an adversarial environment, and yet they bloomed into the shape and color we know and love today.

It’s precisely having grown in these conditions that gave the Stella flowers their right to be called everlasting flowers. Also they have a firm, enduring structure that allows them to survive both great floodings and dry times, and so remain in time keeping their identity.

After years of being a hidden gem,

The flowers are finally starting to receive the recognition they deserve. Their properties and proper preservation allow them to maintain their shape even after death. Time passes and color fades, but the Stella flowers remain.

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